Love and compassion

are vital to transforming human life and strengthening our community.

Who we are

Who We Are

Inspired by the life of visionary hotelier and philanthropist H.T. Hayashi, we are a family foundation guided by a passionate commitment to the people of Hawaii.

Supporting the Community

“My father’s values, including his compassion, guided him and acted as a filter in how he made his decisions. He believed in preventative measures within the community that you should treat the source of the problem, not just the symptom.”
– Corine Hayashi

Compassionate and innovative community development

Through community development, we create opportunities for the people of Hawaii to increase their self-sufficiency and quality of life. We work directly with grantees, investing in arts and culture, human development, environmental conservation and economic security, with a particular focus on programs that serve women, children and the elderly.

Below are a few of our grantees.

Aloha Harvest

As the largest food rescue and redistribution organization in Hawaii, Aloha Harvest aims to eliminate hunger and food waste by redistributing quality excess food to recipient agencies feeding the hungry. An estimate of 1 in 5 people rely, at some point, on a food bank or pantry for assistance and it is Aloha Harvest’s vision to create a more efficient, equitable, resilient, and sustainable food system for Hawaii. Learn more here.

Breastfeeding Hawaii Coalition

Breastfeeding Hawaii Coalition's mission is to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding through legislation, education and collaboration, and serve as a community breastfeeding advocate in Hawaii. It is part of the Hawaii Maternal & Infant Health Collaborative, a mix of public and private organizations with a shared vision of improving outcomes for Hawaiiʻs families. Learn more here.

Hawaii Wildlife Center

Hawaii Wildlife Center plays an essential role in the statewide rescue, response, and hospital care of Hawaii's native birds and bats. The first organization of its kind exclusively for native Hawaiian wildlife, its mission is to protect, conserve, and aid in the recovery of Hawaii's native wildlife through hands-on treatment, research, training, science education, and cultural programs. Learn more here.

Hawaii Health and Harm Reduction Center

The Hawaii Health and Harm Reduction Center (HHHRC) supports those struggling with poverty, homelessness, and various health challenges, including HIV, hepatitis, substance use, and mental illness. Due to the nature of their work, social service providers working with vulnerable populations often encounter their own grief, trauma, and loss. HHHRC's Grief Recovery & Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Service Providers program will support the staff's well-being, help prevent burnout, and support the retention of staff who are passionate about helping in the most difficult of circumstances. HHHRC hopes to make the program available to staff from other social service providers, further strengthening teams across the state and ensuring they can continue to offer vital services to some of the most vulnerable among us. Learn more here.



We believe in forward-thinking approaches to helping organizations achieve their goals. Providing counsel to all applicants and working to build capacity over multiple years, we partner closely with grantees for long-term growth.

Partner Organizations

We partner with diverse organizations to improve people’s quality of life and provide opportunities for the people of Hawaii to increase their self-sufficiency.