Love and compassion

are vital to transforming human life and strengthening our community.

Who we are

Who We Are

Inspired by the life of visionary hotelier and philanthropist H.T. Hayashi, we are a family foundation guided by a passionate commitment to the people of Hawaii.

Supporting the Community

“My father’s values, including his compassion, guided him and acted as a filter in how he made his decisions. He believed in preventative measures within the community that you should treat the source of the problem, not just the symptom.”
– Corine Hayashi

Compassionate and innovative community development

Through community development, we create opportunities for the people of Hawaii to increase their self-sufficiency and quality of life. We work directly with grantees, investing in arts and culture, human development, environmental conservation and economic security, with a particular focus on programs that serve women, children and the elderly.

Below are a few of our grantees.

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, Kauai Clubhouses

The foundation first awarded a one-year grant to the organization to support out-of-school programming due to the pandemic. Takeaways from how the organization operated during the pandemic informed how it supports all out-of-school programming now and into the future. The multi-year award granted in May 2022, reflects the foundation’s trust in Kauai leadership, appreciation for their passionate commitment to children, and an understanding that without an organization like the Boys & Girls Club, many Kauai children and youth would not be able to successfully navigate hunger, educational challenges, trauma, emotional supports, health/wellness barriers, and future opportunities. This multi-year award also reflects the foundation’s commitment to the communities of Kauai, an island that holds a special place in the hearts of the Hayashi family as the birthplace of Herbert Hayashi and where his children spent much of their childhood. Learn more here.

Ceeds of Peace

Ceeds of Peace works to raise peacebuilding leaders by creating community platforms and opportunities for adults and youth, educators, family members, service providers, those in the justice system, business leaders, the faith community, and nonprofit professionals. They share and model tools, activities and best practices to develop leadership skills to create sustainable, just, peaceful communities. Learn more here.

Helping Hands Hawaii

Helping Hands Hawaii's Representative Payee Program (REPP) works with 600-plus adults with mental illness on Oahu and Kauai who, because of their illness, cannot manage their social security and disability benefits on their own. REPP coordinates with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to disburse over 45,000 checks per year for basic needs, including housing, food, transportation, phones, toiletries, insurance, and small personal allowances. The SSA will not disburse benefits to individuals they deem unable to manage benefits on their own due to the risk of becoming victims of fraud or the unintentional misuse of funds. So, in many instances, REPP acts as a representative payee to help individuals receive and utilize benefits. Many program participants are homeless, at high risk of homelessness, or struggling with other health issues due to their mental illness. The average age of program consumers is 55 years old, with approximately 23% being 65 and older, demonstrating a need for this vital service to serve our kupuna and mentally ill population. Learn more here.

Domestic Violence Action Center

Since 1990, DVAC has provided legal information and representation to victims of domestic violence and serves as a statewide resource for social service providers, educators, health professionals, therapists, attorneys, employers, and civil groups. Recent funding supports its Immigrant Triad Program, created to address the unique and complex legal and social support needs of immigrant women who are struggling to survive interpersonal violence. Learn more here.



We believe in forward-thinking approaches to helping organizations achieve their goals. Providing counsel to all applicants and working to build capacity over multiple years, we partner closely with grantees for long-term growth.

Partner Organizations

We partner with diverse organizations to improve people’s quality of life and provide opportunities for the people of Hawaii to increase their self-sufficiency.