Our Values

Our values guide us and are an important legacy of the H.T. Hayashi family. They are reflected in our team, the people we work with and the partnerships we form. Our values reflect the vision we have for the people of Hawaii and the ways in which we can all build a better future together.


We believe that love is the foundation for all other values. Without love, there cannot be compassion, humility, perseverance, or accountability.


We believe in open and honest communication, and that true understanding and compassion leads to collaborative solutions and collective impact.


Humbleness allows us to understand each other and recognize we are all connected.


Perseverance is vital to realizing our vision.


Accountability reflects respect for those around us and for ourselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively impact the world by creating opportunities for increased self-sufficiency and quality of life. To achieve this vision, we’ve defined six vision statements that reflect our commitment to the long-term impact we hope to be a part of in the next 20 to 30 years.

Our Story

The H.T. Hayashi Foundation is a family foundation guided by passionate commitment to the people of Hawaii. Established in 2005, the H.T. Hayashi Foundation reflects the legacy of visionary hotelier and philanthropist Herbert Takami “H.T.” Hayashi.

From humble beginnings, Hayashi became a self-made entrepreneur who expressed deep compassion and understanding. He believed in everyone’s ability, regardless of their background, to rise above their circumstances and change their lives for the better.

Hayashi’s unique vision led to the creation of the Pagoda Hotel and floating restaurant, complete with a koi pond that was made available to the public. His courage and perseverance to do what people said could not be done continued with the Pacific Beach Hotel with its one-of-a-kind oceanarium.

Hayashi created economic opportunities for the people of Hawaii and unforgettable experiences for visitors from around the world. He also instilled the values of compassion and humble integrity in his children, who continue their father’s legacy through their deep commitment to the foundation and its investment in arts and culture, human development, environmental conservation and economic security. With a particular focus on programs that serve women, children and the elderly, the foundation helps to increase self-sufficiency and quality of life for the people of Hawaii.

About The Logo

Inspired by H.T. Hayashi’s everlasting, compassionate support of the community, this design reflects the life-giving properties of water and the positive impact a single source can have as it extends outwards towards others.

The overlapping semi-circles, representing the foundation (blue) and grantees (green), are integrated and mirror the foundation’s approach to capacity building. The open areas symbolize an open and honest approach, which allows room for growth and innovation.

The logo is also reminiscent of the ‘Ahu ‘ula, or feather cloak, which were constructed with thousands of feathers woven closely together to form a single strong and protective surface. Each feather was carefully plucked to allow birds to continue to produce into the future.

Our Team

The Hayashi family continues H.T. Hayashi’s vision of improving the lives of the people of Hawaii through the family’s foundation and core values of compassion, humility, perseverance and accountability.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is passionate about cultivating a more sustainable and promising future for the community.

Corine Hayashi

“Both of my parents raised us to appreciate and value art. My father had a life-long passion for art. Additionally, art and aesthetics were part of the lens through which he looked at all things, including buildings, environments, and how we live our lives. My passion for art and the beauty found in our natural environments here in Hawaii are things I carry with me today. It definitely informs my decisions in all aspects of my life. Art makes me a better human being.”

Lance Hayashi

“When I was growing up, my dad shared his love for birds, fish and dogs. I’ve carried that passion throughout my life and maintain an interest in protecting Hawaii’s indigenous birds in their natural habitats and seeking ways to support animal welfare initiatives.”

Ted Rachlin

“Building innovative educational programming for our next generation of youth is one of our greatest needs and challenges that we must address. It’s incredibly motivating and inspiring to have found the perfect partners, with aligned family values, to work on providing this critical resource to Hawaii’s youth.”

Linda Morgan

“I will always remember how much H.T. cared for his employees. I remember that his caring extended to the families of those who worked for him. He had so much genuine love in his heart. I have seen that same level of caring and heart in his family, which carries on his legacy. The foundation’s values and how we work with communities are a reflection of how H.T. lived his life.”