Proposal Narrative Guidelines

The proposal should be no more than five pages long (exceptions to length will be made with prior approval from the foundation’s executive director) and must include:

  • Statement of the mission and a brief history of the organization.
  • A summary of the need for the proposed program/project. If applying for the organizations as a whole, an overview of the need(s) the organization fills in the community.
  • Description of project details.
  • Activities/process (including timeline)
  • Single and multi-year funding will be considered.
  • Target population.
  • Staffing – statement as to qualifications of the individual(s) responsible for carrying out the project.
  • Program and agency infrastructure that will support the proposed efforts.
  • Intended outputs (quantitative measures such as #’s served, #’s participated, etc.) and outcomes (impact measurements/reporting).
  • Include methods to be used to track/gather these results.
  • Include the reason why the Foundation was considered an appropriate donor.
  • The total cost of the project, amount requested, and other sources of funding (attached a separate proposal budget). Include budget justification/narrative for those costs included in what is being requested of the Foundation.
  • Flexible funding within a project/program or for an organization will be considered. If the request supports a school, the organization must indicate the approximate number of students that will be involved or benefiting from the program. Include a list of the school’s faculty who have either committed or are interested in the program.

Required Documents

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Internal Revenue Service notification of tax-exempt status
  3. Certificate of Vendor Compliance
  4. Organization’s Articles of Incorporation
  5. Organization’s Bylaws
  6. Current list and bios of the organization’s leadership team and any key staff relevant to the program/project(s) supported by this grant
  7. A current list of board of directors members, including their professional or business affiliations
  8. Proposal budget
  9. The organization’s most recent audited annual financial statement (if an audit is not available, with pre-approval from the Foundation’s Executive Director, a CPA reviewed year-end financial statement may be sufficient).
  10. Two letters of support from non-organizational affiliated individuals or entities supporting the program/project and the organization (no letters should come from staff, Board members, or paid vendors unless those vendors are sub-contracted non-profit partner organizations).

Apply Online

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