Grant Application Process

Eligibility Requirements & Restrictions:

  • Applicant must be a qualified Hawaii-based tax-exempt 501(C)(3) organization.
  • Generally, only one request per organization will be considered in each calendar year.
  • The Foundation does not fund loans, endowments, lobbying, festivals and similar one-time events; it does not purchase advertising, attendance at or sponsorship of commercial events; it does not provide scholarships.

Application Deadlines:

For large ($50,000+) grant applications, your application must be postmarked by February 15th for consideration during the March/April grant review process, by August 15th for consideration during the September/October grant review process.   For grant applications below $50,000, applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  However, should the scope and/or impact of your proposed program or organization require extended discussion and review, we may elect to hold your application for consideration at the nearest semi-annual Board meeting to the date of submission.

Type of Funding and Funding Periods:

The Foundation will consider requests for project/program funding, program purchases, or flexible funding (to include requests for general operating support or flexible funding within a specific program).  Relevant capacity building expenses built into funding requests may also be considered.

The Foundation will consider funding periods of any duration, to include multi-year funding.  If multi-year funding is awarded, annual progress discussions will occur with the grantee to identify areas of concern, achievements, and any lessons learned to implement in the following year.  The discussions would also include a determination of viability and impact going forward.

The Grant Application Process:

The Foundation’s Executive Director would like to have a conversation (over the phone or in person) with any interested applicant, prior to submission.  Please email to schedule a call or in-person meeting.  If it is determined (by either or both parties), that a grant application is appropriate after the initial conversation, a copy of the application and guidelines will be provided at that time.

Additionally, the Foundation recognizes that organizations of different sizes and scopes, have varying capacities for activities such as grant writing and that a submitted grant application is not always indicative of the quality of the program or organization (i.e. a grant application that is not put together well, is not always an indication of a poor quality program, and a grant application that is very well put together, is not always an indication of a high quality program).  The Foundation is interested in a grant application process that encourages learning, capacity building, and authentic and transparent conversations that will benefit all involved parties regardless of whether funding is awarded. Therefore, after a grant application is received, the Executive Director may engage in ongoing conversations with an applicant prior to the application actually being finalized for submission to the Board.

If funding is not awarded, the applicant will receive a personal phone call from the Executive Director, followed by a letter, both of which will offer opportunities for the applicant to get more specific feedback about the application and why it was not awarded.  The Foundation does not believe in sending generic denial letters without an opportunity, should the grantee want to take advantage of it, for a more in-depth conversation that will hopefully benefit them in the long run.