An interview with John Leong, CEO, Kupu

One of the core philosophies embedded in our philanthropic support of efforts in Hawaii, is a belief that paying attention to and helping to look after the capacity of organizations to do the work they do, is as important as supporting the work itself. Part of an organization’s capacity to do the work involves its leadership at the staff and board levels. As a foundation, we appreciate building relationships with each organization’s director/CEO and spending time understanding their values in leadership and how they work with their team and community.
John Leong embodies the values we appreciate about some of the most effective nonprofit leaders in Hawaii. We are in the middle of a multi-year general operating support commitment for Kupu, and part of that is driven by the trust we have in John and his team.
This a nice 40+ minute interview as a part of the Hawaii Business Magazine podcast series.

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Aloha Harvest - The future is now!

As Hawaii's largest food rescue and redistribution organization, and with the challenge of hunger, food insecurity and food waste contributing to climate change, supporting their effort to be more strategic in their growth and operations in the coming years, was an easy decision.

Broadband and Digital Equity in Hawaii - HawaiiKidsCAN

During the 2022 State legislative session, our grantee HawaiiKidsCAN, worked with numerous members of the Broadband Hui and legislators, to pass digital equity and access legislation. On June 30th the Governor signed four of them into law.

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