Hawaii Wildlife Center Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary!

The H.T. Hayashi Foundation is a proud supporter of the team at the Hawaii Wildlife Center.  Their work to rescue, treat, and rehabilitate Hawaii’s native birds and bats is critical to the state’s ability to reverse the trend of Hawaii losing its native species to extinction.  One of the foundation’s focus areas includes protecting species indigenous to Hawaii, and Hawaii is known as the bird extinction capital of the world.  The work of the Hawaii Wildlife Center, including their community engagement and education efforts, is critical to our ability to reverse this troubling trend before we lose more native birds to extinction.

These native birds are a part of Hawaii’s history, culture, traditions, and legacy. To lose one native species is to lose a part of the history that grounds all of us in this place we call home. Most of the loss we have experienced can be attributed to human impact, including habitat loss due to climate change.

This article in Keola Magazine, celebrates Hawaii Wildlife Center’s 10th Anniversary by highlighting the amazing work they have done over the past decade! Read the article here


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HANO Fellows Program - Graduation of Cohort 1!

The H.T. Hayashi Foundation congratulates the nonprofit executive directors who recently completed the HANO Fellows Program. Together, they represent the first cohort of the much-needed program. Now it's time to thrive, not just survive!

Aloha Harvest - The future is now!

As Hawaii's largest food rescue and redistribution organization, and with the challenge of hunger, food insecurity and food waste contributing to climate change, supporting their effort to be more strategic in their growth and operations in the coming years, was an easy decision.

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