Established in 2005, the H.T. Hayashi Foundation reflects the legacy of visionary hotelier and philanthropist Herbert Takami “H.T.” Hayashi.

From humble beginnings, Hayashi became a self-made entrepreneur with deep compassion and understanding. He believed in everyone’s ability, regardless of their background, to rise above their circumstances and change their lives for the better.

Hayashi’s innovative vision led to the creation of the Pagoda Hotel and floating restaurant complete with koi pond made available to the public. His courage and perseverance to do what people said could not be done continued with the Pacific Beach Hotel and one-of-a-kind oceanarium, creating opportunities for the people of Hawaii and unforgettable experiences for people from around the world.

Hayashi’s values of compassion and humble integrity were instilled in his children who continue their father’s legacy with deep commitment in the foundation and its investment in arts and culture, human development, environmental conservation and economic security. With a particular focus on programs serving women, children and the elderly, the foundation helps to increase self-sufficiency and quality of life for the people of Hawaii.