Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are a reflection of the shared values of the H.T. Hayashi Foundation and the organizations and programs we wish to fund.


Learning by doing leads to increased retention and engagement, opportunities for critique, and improved problem solving. In addition, a hands-on approach has the added benefit of addressing differing learning styles.


Inclusiveness allows us to celebrate diversity and encourages a collaborative spirit.


Being nimble requires flexibility and adaptability, qualities which encourage creativity and openness to new ideas.


To be proactive means anticipating problems and taking responsibility, as opposed to just watching things happen and reacting to them.


To be responsive means taking responsibility and initiative in all of your dealings, and requires being proactive in your communication.

Targeted for Impact

Organizations that are targeted for impact are working within the context of their various missions/visions, in a manner designed to result in not just outputs (numbers served, numbers participated, etc.) or feel good anecdotes, but also in actual impact that can be measured in how they positively change the lives of individuals and communities.